Transferring your game progress on your new device is easy!

First you need to safeguard the game progress on your old device. This is how you safeguard your game progress:
  • Open the in-game Settings menu and then go to "Save/Load Progress".
  • Choose any of the available login methods.
  • Login to your preferred safeguarding method by following on screen instructions.
  • If the safeguarding has been successful, you will now see a "Sign Out" button in the in-game Settings menu.
Now you are ready to transfer your game progress to the new device.
  • Install Love & Pies on your new device and launch the game. Complete the first tutorial and serve Betty a delicious cookie.
  • Now access the Settings menu and go to "Save/Load Progress".
  • Select the same login method that you used when safeguarding your game progress on your old device and follow on screen instructions to login.
  • The game will now reload and your game progress is now on the new device.